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    • Product Name: Bilberry Extract 25%
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    Specification: Anthocyanidins UV 25%, Anthocyanosides HPLC 36% Appearance: Deep Purple powder Pharmacology function: Europe Bilberry also named America Blue Berry, it mainly grow in Europe, North America. Bilberry P.E. is helpful to improve eyesight, it is reported that during World WarII, English bomber pilots improved their vision in night by taking Bilberry Extract. Functions: Assist in a variety of visual problems including myopia, retinal disturbances, eye strain/visual acuity, pigmentary retinitis, diabetic induced cataracts, help eyes adapt to darkness more effectively, and help against day and night blindness. Often associated with improvement of night vision, bilberries are mentioned in a popular story of World War II RAF pilots consuming bilberry jam to sharpen vision for night missions. However, a recent study[1] by the U.S. Navy found no such effect and origins of the RAF story cannot be found.[2] Laboratory studies have provided preliminary evidence that bilberry consumption may inhibit or reverse eye disorders such as macular degeneration,[3] but this therapeutic use remains unproven in humans. As a deep blue fruit, bilberries contain dense levels of anthocyanin pigments linked experimentally to lowered risk for several diseases, such as those of the heart and cardiovascular system, eyes and cancer[4][5][6]. In folk medicine, bilberry leaves were used to treat gastrointestinal ailments, applied topically, or made into infusions. Such effects have not been scientifically proven.
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